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Is your child angry all the time? – Basic Regulation Strategies for Parents

As parents, one of the most challenging situations to navigate is when our children seem to be constantly overwhelmed by anger. Whether it’s an outburst over a seemingly trivial matter or a persistent state of irritability, it can be distressing and confusing for both the child and the parent.

TOP 5 Things to Focus on When Beginning Your Mental Health Journey

Celebrating Mental Health Week from October 7th to 15th is one of the professional highlights of our year here at “The Health Hub - Wynnum” It give us extra pause to consider how we can help our clients start their Journey’s to better Mental Health and is a great time for us to reflect on what we do for ourselves and others to engage in our mental well-being and take steps towards improving it.

7 Ways to Know Your Child Has ADHD

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects people of all ages, but it's often first identified in childhood. Recognizing the signs of ADHD early is crucial for getting the right support and interventions in place. In this blog, we'll explore seven ways to know if your child may have ADHD.

Meet Jasmine – The Benefits of Therapy Dogs in Allied Health

Hey there! You won't believe the awesome things happening at The Health Hub Wynnum! Meet Jasmine our super fluffy, adorable Labradoodle Clinic Therapy Dog (in training) who is spreading joy to clients and staff alike!

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