The heart of our business is our people. We work hard to create a people-centric environment for both clients and staff.

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I love that THH is open and inclusive of everyone. We are such a diverse and unusual team! …
I’m excited to see what “out of the box” things will happen in 2021 and being a part of the company’s growth! Unexpected and exciting things are always popping up around every corner

N – Client Care Team

Everyone is so approachable and willing to help, whether it’s to do with our clients or with each other within the team. There truly is a supportive feeling across the clinics.

L – Clinic Manager, Wynnum HQ

I find great joy in watching my clients smash their goals – from little wins, like getting eye contact to massive wins like helping them gain meaningful employment. I love working at The Health Hub! Everyone is so supportive, I am also encouraged to reach my own personal / professional goals.

M – Occupational Therapy

The Health Hub has huge capacity for innovative development + implementation. Taking therapy to a whole new level, it what I really love.

V – Head of Speech Pathology

I am passionate about cultural diversity especially LGBTIQA+. I have been encouraged to build programs and engage within the LGBTIQA+ community, I feel I am really making a difference while chasing my dreams, working with and on the projects I am passionate about.

KM – Psychologist

The team are approachable / committed /multi-age group / they are all smarter thanthey look . LOL

KL – Early Intervention Specialist

It’s a place where I feel appreciated! I enjoy working in a diverse team, tapping into everyone’s broad knowledge. Our whole organisation training days are particularly great to connect with the whole team, we all learn off each other.

ST – Speech Pathologist

I feel fortunate to have found a place I can bring my beliefs to work and be encouraged to reach out to the Christian Community to offer therapy that is intrinsically personal.

S – Social Worker / Counsellor

It so satisfying to see the great affects the animals have on our clients and when the parents comment on how much they love all of our improvements and facilities!

L – Grounds & Maintenance

I think both the staff and the clients are inspiring! I personally am passionate about giving back to the community and THH has encouraged and supported how we as a business can engage within our local community charities and events. There is so much happening, and in the pipeline, it’s exciting.

SW – Clinic Manager, Belmont

I’m proud of how hard THH team works and their dedication to the people they work with and the families they work with.

JL – Head of OT Dept

My team are legends… They continue to upskill and develop both professionally and as individuals! Being part of a transdisciplinary team improves client outcomes!!!
No longer to we keep treating something that appears from our discipline’s perspective as one thing when it actually needed alterative perspective and multi discipline treatment. You don’t know what you don’t know. Being at THH we have the opportunity to know more and this includes knowledge outside of our disciplines.

LJ – Head of the Psych Dept

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