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What are Functional Capacity Assessments (FCAs)

  • Is a comprehensive Occupational Therapy assessment which assesses an individual’s capacity to engage in their activities of daily living.
  • Identifies what support needs are necessary to live as independently as possible this could be through care supports/person to person supports, assistive technologies or home modifications.
  • Recommendations of opportunities for building capacity once a baseline has been established of a person’s level of impairment and how this is impacting their engagement in daily life and meaningful occupations.

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Quick Turn Around​​

2 – 4 Weeks (Initial Appointment to Completed Report)

Assessment Types

Basic Home Modifications​​

Minor home modifications that do not involve changing structural elements of the home. Category A cost under $10,000 and category B between $10,000-$20,000.  Involves custom design of a space to help an individual access areas of their home as well as improve safety and independence as a result of their disability.

Change of Circumstance Review

Is advised when your current situation has had a significant change or your current plan is not meeting the support requirements for your disability. An FCA can help establish what support needs are necessary to help you succeed at achieving your NDIS  goals.

​Assistive Technology​

Involves equipment or devices to help you remain independent or be able to achieve a task easier or more safely. Would involve assessment, trialling the item and training on it use. This could also involve minor items for daily living such as a one-handed can opener or more complex e.g.: bath hoist. 

​Home Assessment - Design A Friendly Space​

Is your current home space functional? Does it suit your needs and lifestyle? Let us assist you at setting up your home space to suit your needs to achieve the skills and recreational activities that you enjoy. This may involve setting up a kitchen space more functionally to assist an avid baker with doing the things they love without being restricted by their disability, or setting up a gamers space more functionally and ergonomically to reduce the occurrence of back/neck pain.  

Areas Assessed

Mobility/Motor/Biomechanical Issues


Social Interaction




FCAs Process

01. Initial Interview

Initial Interview – where a comprehensive background and important information will be gathered.

02. Observation Assessment

Observational assessment which should occur in the home or community environment to functionally observe how the individual impairments affect their engagement in daily activities.

03. Standardised Assessment

Standardised assessment- this is age and disability specific and will be selected accordingly.

05. Collaborative Goal Achievement

Goals setting with the individual is very important. We want to help you achieve the goals you choose.

05. Report Writing

Report writing to collate the gathered information.

06. Strategies Support & Home/Community Visits

Home/Community Visit to implement strategies demonstrate assistance.

Why are FCAs necessary?

  • Determines an individual’s baseline level of functioning.
  • Provides recommendations for ongoing support both OT and general.
  • Includes considerations for plan reviews, or increased support and funding.

NDIS Support

Reports will include key recommendations of further supports the participants need to meet their NDIS plan goals.

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