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What are Group Programs?

Our group programs focus on boosting skills in developmental areas. These groups are developed to take a realistic approach to therapy.

We have developed a program where you, with the help of our team, can identify key areas of ideal growth and work towards small manageable goals throughout an 8-10 weeks timeframe and a Christmas  Art Therapy Group program to see a real difference and improvement in that identified area.

How does Group Program​ work?

  • Bringing together groups of people of similar age, with similar goals to work towards common goals – together.
  • Delivering REAL WORLD therapy and getting the outcomes that you and your loved ones deserve.
  • Working across the lifespan, from childhood to adolescence and adulthood to break therapy down into manageable and engaging steps.
  • Providing programs that have a better outcome when they are delivered with a group approach to emulate the real world.

What can we help you?

  • General Mental Health & Self Care
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Behaviour Issues
  • Social Skills & Managing Conflict
  • Self – Regulation & Behaviours
  • Emotion Regulation & Development
  • Relationships & Friendships
  • Puberty, Development & Independence
  • Anger Management
  • Low Muscle Tone
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Self Help Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Connecting Mind & Body
  • Providing Calming Sensory Input

Discover Our Group Programs

The Health Hub offers various group programs for clients. Send your enquiry to

2024 All Group Programs

The Brotherhood! - Teen Boys Grow Independence & Navigate Relationships

Ready Set Go! - Prep (school) Readiness

Social Detectives

Animal Care

Art Expression

Skills Group - Basic Meal Prep

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