Janelle earned her bachelor of Health Science Occupational Therapy at the University of Newcastle and her Masters of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health from the NSW Institute of Psychiatry. She is registered with AHPRA and OT Australia. Janelle has 13 years of experience working at Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) and within an adolescent mental health inpatient unit. 

Janelle enjoys helping people to reach their potential by tapping into their unique strengths. Taking a holistic approach to work towards understanding their most important goals and helping them achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

Janelle is most passionate about working with new and expectant parents and their new baby. Focusing support in the ante-natal period can assist with managing mood and anxiety and to provide a safe space to explore the developing baby. Parent-infant (0-3 years old) therapies help to navigate the exciting new parent-child relationship, promote child development, build secure attachment and increase child resilience.

Janelle has experience working with people of all ages with various mental health concerns. A range of therapy approaches may be used including CBT, creative therapies, sensory modulation, skills building, mindfulness, relaxation, graded exposure and attachment and relationship work.

Janelle loves dance, music, animals and the beach. She strives to live with gratitude and mindfulness to appreciate the small things in life. Most important is living a spiritual life connecting with family and friends.