Molly — Occupational Therapist

Molly is an Occupational Therapist who completed her studies at Australian Catholic University. Throughout her degree she completed a range of placements across hospital and clinic settings with adults and children. Molly chose this career path due to her innate passion for helping, supporting and advocating for people. She has found fulfilment in assisting those in increasing their independence and achieving their goals.

Molly has experience in working with clients in the following areas:

  • Mental Health – delivering condition management strategies, assistance with routine building to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle and conducting motivational interviewing. Molly has experience providing compassionate care with clients experiencing anxiety and depression disorders, attachment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Physical Health – conducting a range of upper-limb assessments and building and individualised rehabilitation programs for those post-stroke/neurorehabilitation. She also has experience in pressure area management, equipment education, pain management education and strategies for those experiencing degenerative and chronic conditions.
  • Daily living skills and self-care – assisting clients and families in goal setting, building routines, providing strategies and education to assist condition management to promote independence and functional performance in everyday activities. Molly has worked with clients experiencing autism spectrum disorder, intellectual impairment, learning difficulties and vision impairments.
  • Sensory processing – conducting assessments and interventions for children experiencing sensory processing difficulties across a range of conditions.
  • Social skills – working with clients and their families to assist with promoting age appropriate social skills including following rules and instructions, sharing and play skills, turn-taking, developing and maintaining friendships and job preparation. Molly has experience working with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and intellectual impairments.
  • Emotional regulation – providing management strategies to clients and families to facilitate understanding the impact of our emotions on our behaviour and how this can affect others.

Outside of study, Molly enjoys spending time with friends and family, relaxing at the beach and focusing on my own fitness and health.

Molly is available at our clinics, at home and school.

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