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Not many people enjoy getting a needle, but for some, the thought and experience can be so distressing that they avoid it completely. Due to significant anxiety, immunisations are missed, procedures are unable to be performed, or needles can only be administered when there is restraint.

Our caring and trained team of psychologists and occupational therapists have experience working with clients of all ages and presentations including Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory processing issues (e.g. sensitivities to touch, smell, etc). We have worked with many clients with this phobia and have had great success.


Each program is tailored to the individual and their needs. Programs can include:

  • Education for the client and family on the functions of the brain
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Mindfulness and grounding techniques
  • Thought identification and challenging
  • Exposure Therapy
  • Targeting sensory sensitivities (e.g. touch, smell, sight) using interventions such as Wilbarger Brushing Protocol and Sensory Integration Therapy

The Health Hub understands the absolute importance of working directly with other healthcare teams (e.g. anaesthetist, doctors, nurses) to ensure a collaborative, structured, and safe approach. The Health Hub works with other professionals by providing them with the treatment plan, recommended strategies, and how implement strategies leading to, and during, the needle/procedure.

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