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Jan 2022

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As the Covid situation in Queensland continues to change daily, its important to look after yourself and your family.

Call our Customer Care Team and talk to them about what is best for you.

1. Come on into The Health Hub for your regular sessions. We are open and here for you.

2. Continue with your appointment via our Telehealth service. It will be your same clinician and we do our best to make it feel like you are here with us as we work through your therapy goals.

Either way, you are important, and we are committed to you.

2022 Group Snapshot!

Sensory Play

Through Sensory Play Children Gain a Deeper Understanding Of The World Around Them.

Beauty, Fashion, Style

Utilize Positive, Supportive Self-Talk and build Self-Esteem and Confidence – while be engaged in beauty, fashion and style.

All About Boys

Boys will be boys! This group will respect his individuality, encourage diverse interests, look at role models and allow boys to be boys.

Ready! Prep! Go!

Have your child start their Prep schooling with the strategies they need to do their personal best.


This group has a focus on learning and practicing a variety of mindfulness activities to support emotional regulation.

DIY Workshop

Break free of traditional therapy! Keep your hands and minds busy with a DIY Workshop.

Flow Arts

Improve body awareness and connection, bilateral motor skills and coordination, mindfulness. cultivate patience. persistence, and creativity.

Gross & Fine Motor

Work the core body – Torso, Legs & Arms by engaging the Large Muscles and the neurological system and focus on training the small muscles in hands, fingers and wrists to improve control and strength to perform everyday tasks better.

Transforming Families

A comprehensive Group Program to support and guide Teens aged 13-17 and their Families in LGBTIQA+.

All About Teen Girls

The mind and body transition during teenage years can be complex, confronting and confusing. Navigate with a group!

Sibling Unity

Are you a parent of siblings, one being ASD? Do you find building connection and understanding difficult? The Sibling Unity Skills Booster Group can help.


Use the skill and enjoyment of gardening to promote movement and coordination, social skills, and positive mental health. The body movements required in gardening also allow for fine and gross motor skill development.

Drum To Regulate
Drum To Communicate
Drum To Connect

Drum Therapy can be an outlet for emotional blockages, it provides the ability to experience flow & release of emotion and assist with connection to self and others.

Art Therapy

Our Art Therapy Group will create several beautiful works of art that show off everyone’s unique ideas and creativity.


Help young children manage self-regulation of their emotions, attention and behaviour by using rhythm and music.

Social Skills &
Emotion Regulation

Essential practice of social and emotional regulation and behaviour in a supportive environment.

Mums & Bubs

Therapy based information, technique demonstration and hands on assistance for mothers and carers of babies 0-2.

Daily Living Skills

An Opportunity For Teenagers And Young Adolescents To Learn Independent Living Skills; And Practice These Skills In A Supportive Environment, With Like-Minded Peers.

Self-Esteem & Identity

This group is aimed at supporting teenagers with improving self-esteem, discovering their self-identity and learning how to be content with themselves


An Opportunity For Pre-Teens To Develop Fine Motor & Social Skills Required For Independent Self-Care – Through Minecraft Inspired Group Activities.

Play Skills

This group will touch on paediatric physiotherapy areas of – sensory challenges, increasing coordination & balance.

Yoga Therapy

Instructed by a Qualified Psychologist & Yoga Teacher/Therapist 3 Streams of Yoga – Down Regulating for Anxiety & Stress, Up Regulating for Depression, Mind & Body for Emotional Wellbeing.




Innovative Therapies @ The Health Hub



MEET Joumana!

How long have you worked at THH? 

I have officially been here for 4 years and 6 months 🙂

What is your favourite THH moment?

My most recent favourite moment was when I was covering for reception and a parent came into the clinic and said to their son “walk up to the lady and tell them who you are and why you are here“. Her son proceeded to come up to the desk and say to me “Hello, WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?“.

What are you most passionate about? 

Supporting our families and staff.

What is your favourite colour

Pink, lilac and aqua.

What is your favourite food?

Chocolate, ice cream and anything Italian.

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