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Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP)

What is a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP)

A Positive Behaviour Support Plan is developed in consultation with the participant, their family, carers, guardian, and other relevant people, as well as service providers with its outcome being to map out and minimise behaviours of concern.

NDIS Person-Centred Strategies for Individuals

This document is supported by NDIS and specifies a range of person-centred, proactive strategies that focus on individual needs, in order to:

Improve their quality of life

Build on the person’s strengths

Increase their life skills

Increase their opportunities to participate in community activities

Include regulated restrictive practices that may be required

What are Behaviours of Concern? (BOC)

Behaviour of such intensity, frequency or duration that the risk of physical harm to the person living with a disability or others is likely.

These behaviours may also result in access being restricted or denied to ordinary community facilities.

What are Restrictive Practices? (RP)

A restrictive practice is any practice or intervention that has the effect of restricting the rights or freedom of movement of a person with a disability. It is now recognised that restrictive practices can have profoundly negative effects on a person’s quality of life and can represent serious human rights infringements.

However, in some cases they are required to protect the individual themselves and others from risk of harm.

How can you help?
If the behaviours of a person you are supporting, meet criteria for BOC’s being present, you can apply for PBSP funding (under NDIS Improved Relationships). To do this you will need to seek the support of a social worker who can compile the data to support your application.

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