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Fun Family Mealtimes

Free Presentation

Are mealtimes chaotic? We can help you understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

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Ready! Prep! Go!

Prep Readiness Group

Join us on the school holidays for our prep readiness program. This program promotes decreased anxiety and increased engagement in prep.

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GoSafe Program

A program for children with intellectual disability and/or severe autism spectrum disorder. The SoSAFE Social Safety Program is designed to teach vital social safety.

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High School Success for Girls

We know transition through grades can cause anxiety,  that having a virtual tool kit of skills and learnt strategies can boost school engagement, and that being able to engage with positive social skills can also enhance schooling experience.

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Support Group for Parents Of Children with ASD

Do you have a child with ASD?

Our Experienced Therapist with lead this group to provide a place to share and discuss concerns, and then work together to support, build strategies and problem solves, to make day to day living and routines easier to manage.

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Support Group for Parents, Teens with Mental Health Concerns

Are you worried about your teenager? Are they showing signs of poor Mental Health? This group will support parents and care givers living with and caring for teens with Mental Health concerns

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Mental Health Support for Teens

Does your teenager need support with:

Depression, Self-Harm, Managing Emotions, Relationships, Family Conflict, Anxiety? Our Therapists are here to assist them in a group therapy session.

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