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Social Work

About Social Work

Social work is a university-qualified profession dedicated to assisting people to improve their lives, with a focus on their personal and social well-being.

Our Social Workers

Our social workers take the time needed to build relationships with clients so that together, they can consider all aspects of their situation, including their strengths and capacities, as well as the areas where they need help.

Our social workers will offer solutions, supports and pathways that make sense in the context of the client’s environment, preferences and abilities.


As qualified professionals, our social workers have the skills and knowledge to support individuals, families, groups and communities.

Moreover, in general you’ll find social workers in a wide range of organisations and settings, including federal and state governments, hospitals, schools, community services organisations, and private practice. 

We Offer Diverse Participant Support

Group Work



One-On-One Counselling

Community Development

What do we help?

  • Addiction
  • Gambling
  • Poverty
  • Alcohol & other drugs
  • Homelessness or housing stress
  • Trauma
  • Legal
  • Relationships
  • Mental wellbeing & illness
  • Domestic & family violence
  • Physical health & disabilities
  • Social injustice & discrimination
  • Child and family
  • Self-determination & fulfillment
We help people overcoming life's obstacles, enhancing their wellbeing

Available for Social Work Intervention:

Assessments such as Functional Capacity Assessments, Functional Behaviour Assessments, and Psychosocial Assessments. Usually takes 15 hours to conduct assessments and report completion, which may vary depending on the case’s complexity.

Capacity building to access employment or educational opportunities or build social skills and confidence.

Coordinating or managing life stages and transitions.

Counselling and other therapeutic support and interventions, such as grief or trauma counselling.

Mediation and
conflict resolution.

Positive Behaviour Support Plan

Providing support and education to a person’s network by implementing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan.

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