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Workshop & Experiences (Coming Soon)

About Workshop & Experiences

The Health Hub’s Innovative Therapies Programs offer more than standard client and therapist sessions. Skills Based Therapy and Experiences, as part of our Innovative Therapy, includes experiences, workshops, tours and courses to offer real world skill development.

Interacting as part of the greater community and skill building to deepen social and relative connections promotes growth and understanding of the real world.

Goals & Skill Development Includes:

  • Social Skills
  • Language Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • TOM
  • EF
  • Developing Interests
  • Exploring Potential
  • Resume Building
  • Creative Arts
  • Try New Foods
  • Community Connection
  • Cultural Learning
  • Develop Independence
  • Memory
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Innovative Therapies

Skills Based Workshop
Barista Course

Sneak peek at The Health Hub client Aidan’s story. This is a wonderful example of how The Health Hub can integrate therapy, skills development and goals to meet and exceed therapy expectations.

We help our clients' personal growth connect with real-world skill development.

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